Celphia is an apparel brand focusing on bringing the best quality of clothing for the entire family.  Celphia was founded to  take the current and next generation of fashion to a whole new level where everyone can pursue good  style. This brand goes by “Pursue Your Style”. We want you to feel comfortable with yourself and who you are. Society may want you to look a certain way, but we believe that being yourself and taking the time to appreciate the way you were created, will take you to your next step in life, a successful one. So pursue friendship, pursue love, pursue goals, pursue good but most importantly, Pursue Your Style.

Founder and CEO – Manuel Santana

Manuel (Manny) was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He moved to the United States when he was 18 to study a career and to develop his second language which is English. While living in the United States, Manny had a dream; it consisted of a clothing company and taking Fashion to another level. That dream is taking place in what is now Celphia.